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A letter to say I don't have prostate cancer. Priceless. 

It’s here 🥳

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[ATTACH]19923[/ATTACH]love the labelling

It's boozy with banana milkshake and caramel tasting notes. Ethiopian Heirloom grown at 1234.56m above sea level. Thank me later :p.


Can't wait to try mine. I am starting to love subscriptions and LSOL in particular, choosing beans can be a tough task. #CFUKProblems

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Did Peter post the Feldgrind by Royal Mail?


*sits at front door waiting for postie

Yup, something signed for (1st class?). Can't remember, binned the package already.


Good luck, I hope you'll get yours too. I'll try to align the burrs better, seems a little bit off compared to my other Feld.

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@mmmatron it looks like you've removed the doser...(?) how are you getting on with it?


It's still on, I really like how it give a lovely clump free distribution. Still blown away by the difference from the SJ (which is currently sitting next to it for decaf)

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Ordered from RAVE first time couple weeks ago and now been through a bag of Fudge blend and an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gutiti natural G1, prepared as both espresso and piccolo. Although I can't rave enough about how delicious the Ethiopian was with serious blueberry notes, I couldn't for the life of me get anything pleasant out of 350g of the Fudge blend. Dissing 17.5g, 36g out, 28sec, temp 94°C (that I can only guess as it's on a Gaggia)

I asked RAVE to perhaps give me a clue to what bean origins are in the blend but it's supposedly a secret.. Anyhow, had anyone had success with that blend?


I'm now waiting on a Has bean order of 2 identical Ethiopian Girgacheffe Gedeb with the difference of one being natural and the other washed. Should be exciting especially since one of them is meant to taste like black forest gateaux !

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Because the beard is the most important coffee-related thing.


I can finally grow a beard since I left the hospitality/catering job that requires to be clean shaven.

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I know that for most of you the stuff that's landing with me is a little low key and 27 upgrades ago, but I was super excited when the postie arrived with this just as I was about to make my lunchtime coffee! Thanks @coffeechap

It's amazing what a big difference a small upgrade makes! uploadfromtaptalk1458651270849.jpg

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