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What did the postie bring you today!


A thread to show off your new coffee related item no matter how big or small, old or new


Throw up a photo so we can have a butchers what you got delivered today.



I will start:


Been after some 16 fl oz cups for a morning triple shot latte and these fit the bill. Gordon Ramsay maze breakfast morning cups.



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What rudeness. Will you all just stop it.   This is What Did The Postie Bring You - he brought beans, in bags. The place to discuss the contents is either under the roasters own thread if they ha

It’s here 🥳

Arrived on Monday (was meant to be the Friday before but couriers couldn't be bothered it seemed) Absolutely stunning Conti CC101 Lever. Endgame complete

Posted Images

Le Creuset stoneware French press.


I can't take a pic until he also brings me a new camera...


But it looks kinda like this ...



“Coffee evokes the most insane reactions in people”, Rene Redzepi.



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4 bits of Heavy Duty Velcro to attach some LED lights above the drip tray on the La Spaz.


Oooh,pimp my spaz :-)

Look forward to the pics


Bosco Sorrento/Eureka Mythos/Torr Palisander XS Convex/VST 18g Ridgeless/Motta Jug/Bialetti Brikka​/FJY Syphon/Porlex/IngenuiTEA

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Lots of invoices which I will turn into customer invoices which will pay for my Quamar M80E which UPS delivered today ;)


I'm really pleased with it. Mrs WD was slightly less pleased. Id told her to expect a parcel and to order some 'stuff' that she may want to soften the blow (didn't say that I'd ordered a replacement grinder a few months after ordering my first grinder).


Her first comment upon seeing the grinder was "crikey (or words to that effect) .... are we opening a coffee shop" ? Followed by "is that a bubble gum machine ?" and a few more cutting comments which I chose to ignore


I've not dialled the M80 in yet but can confirm that :


It is significantly quieter than the MC2

It grinds a whole lot quicker than the MC2

It is rock solid in its construction

The grind adjust is soooo much smoother and easier than the MC2

The grinds look a lot more consistent with no clumping


Far too late for me to be consuming coffee so will give my initial thoughts tomorrow and post some pics

a grinder a lever and some beans

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LED mods? You über nerds! The same ones you use on your Corsa? Lol









/Secretly likes this idea and looking forward to the pics...

Gaggia Classic with OPV Mod @ 9 Bar + Silvia Steam Wand + 18g VST basket| Rancilio Rocky Grinder| Porlex Hand Grinder | Vintage De Ve grinder | HD Tamper | Rattleware Shotpot | Aeropress | Various French Press's, Moka pots and no doubt other stuff I will end up buying since finding this forum...

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Well my postie is a robbing twat so my IMM sub has been stolen again. Fortunately the legends at Has Bean are very understanding and seemingly I'm not the only unlucky sod this happens to!


Most posties are not "robbing twat" and find it offensive that your labelling posties as thieves!


I have 25 years service as a postie.


If you believe your post is being stolen then then contact them on [email protected] or ask for the security desk help line number from http://www.royalmail.com

Rocket R58

Compak K8 Fresh

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1Kg of Has Bean Costa Rica Finca de Licho Yellow Honey Vila Sarchi (jeez it's a long name...).


I thought I would try something completely different to my usual darker choices. I read the tasting notes and thought it sounded a bit unlikely, Raspberry, Honey, chocolate, blah blah.... but wait just the beans do indeed smell of raspberries! Will give em a go next week...

Rocket R58 & Versalab M3

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Most posties are not "robbing twat" and find it offensive that your labelling posties as thieves!


I have 25 years service as a postie.


If you believe your post is being stolen then then contact them on [email protected] or ask for the security desk help line number from http://www.royalmail.com


Where did I say that most posties are robbing? Quick to defend something that was never stated.......


As this has happened to me on several occasions I have an open case with royal fail which will no doubt go nowhere (like their post) but hopefully the culprit will be found. Just to be clear I consider this to be an individual not that the whole organisation is guilty.

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The other day we received a note regarding a birthday card for my son. It was a week late having been posted first class at the point of source and there was a £1 handling charge for the fact that the letter was slightly over sized and the postage was short by 9p. Nine pence for goodness sake! Added to that, the cost of the diesel to drive to the sorting office to pay them £1.09 and pick it up I'm not a fan of the petty minded attitude of the post office. The bloke at the sorting office asked if we wanted a receipt so that we could claim the money off my brother... what sort of a family does he think we are? Then to top it off the postman has the nerve to leave our gate open and nip across the fence to go into next door.


I know, I'm turning into a "grumpy old hector"




Fracino Cherub, Eureka Mignon grinder, empty bank account.

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