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Bottled water

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When using bottled water for espresso machines, what are the key content numbers to look for.


Water in my area is very hard and having upgraded want to keep scale to a minimum.


I know people have their brand or shop preferences but sometimes you may be in a different supermarket or your brand may be out of stock.


What are the key numbers?



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Waitrose essential spring water has quite a low TDS but enough minerals to create tasty espresso. It makes for quite a bright end cup profile (compared to brita filtered seven trent tap water). Its a lot cheaper than Volvic!

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Bottled water from a hard water area will scale up your m/c, while water from a soft water area won't. Look for the calcium % content on the label.

Generally speaking water from the north of England & from Scotland will be "soft".


Agreed, but not necessarily good for making coffee. Often too soft. You're looking for a Dry Residue value (in the label) of between 90 and 170, somewhere in the middle being ideal. Volvic. Highland Spring. The Waitrose one that Gary mentions sounds interesting. Steer clear of Evian, Buxton, and many Mineral Waters. Spring Water is usually better as it has a lower D.R. (which equates to Total Dissolved Solids), i.e. the parts per million that are metals (calcium etc) and carbonates (various salts).

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