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Hello from Netherlands


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My name is Al and I 've been using espressomachines for over 30 years. The last 20 of them mostly levers.First was a Ponte Vecchio Export which still is a secret love of mine. Great espresso. As a matter of fact the only espressomachine I probably could pick out  in a blindtest.Highly underrated IMHO.


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Greetings, or perhaps HOI is more applicable! I remember in 2013 a chap I used to chat with, Amsterdam I think he came from. He had a Strega that he had modded but I forget how now. He was an adversary of the L1 and used to take Reiss to task quite often! At the time I had had an L1 and fell out with Reiss over poor quality control and so happened to have bought a Strega as well. I must try to remember his name and look him up to see if things are good!

I have another friend called Peet Haadens who visited here a couple if times as well! Anyway, welcome to you. We look forward to your Stroopwaffel tales matey!

In a race between a donkey and a horse, to see who could reach the bottom first..........one side has a commanding lead


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