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Linea Mini - where should i buy from?


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1 hour ago, benanderson18 said:

Hi Johnny, I was thinking of getting a Linea Mini as well once I have saved up, but if there are far better machines out there, it all comes down to how the coffee tastes rather then the make. 

Do you (or anyone else) have any suggestions for me to look into. I am currently on Expobar Leva from about 7 years ago. 

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Sticks and Stones, sours…or rancid (horrible). Quakers hide until roasted, pick em out and flick them in the bin. Life is too short for bad coffee



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I have no particular axe to grind.. my friend has an LMLM and I have an ACE Vesuvius bought 6months old from another forum member. My friend bought his LMLM and grinder over recently so we did a side-by-side comparison. The app on the LMLM is a complete disaster. Neither of us could get it to work consistently. The LMLM produces lovely shots but I thought the Vesuvius had the edfge- not huge- but definite. To my surprise my friend VASTLY preferred the Vesuvius (and we didn't even try the numerous pressure profiling options it has) to the extent that he's now planning to sell the LMLM and buy a Vesuvius. So while I think the LMLM is a gorgeous machine I'm convinced there are much better alternatives for the money..  FWIW "Vesuivii" come up pretty regularly on the forum second hand!

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