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X54 Home grinder

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Hey all, 

has anyone got a Mahlkonig x54?

I have one coming next week with my new rocket.

I like the idea of being able to swap for espresso and filter and have experience of the mahlkonig commercial grinders so am expecting good things, shame it isn’t single dose but am thinking perhaps a 3D printed hopper may be a future project.

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It arrived on Tuesday and I love it!

Mahlkonigs usually Sterling build quality and the consistency is brilliant.

even using the timer the dose has so far been within 0.1g every time.

took me a few minutes to dial in and it’s super quiet.




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Glad you’re enjoying it! The build quality is indeed great. Probably the nicest looking grinder I’ve seen but then I’m a fan of Mahlkönig’s design.

After calibrating it I’ve had some good results in the cup. Clump-city in the basket but dosing into a cup and shaking solved that. 

Are you using it for other brew methods or just espresso?


Edit: I see you mentioned in the OP that you’re using it for filter also.

Keep us posted how single dosing goes. I find the x54 is great for grinding espresso, V60 and Technivorm, but switching between them with a hopper full is a great way to lose a LOT of coffee!

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