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Forum Exclusive Deal - New Kenyan from Coffee by the Casuals

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Hello everybody - we have a deal for you guys that we think you'll love. 

When we launched a year ago we had a fantastic Kenyan coffee (Rukira AB) that went down a treat. It was our first repeat buy from the importer, and we sold it twice as quickly as most of our original range of five beans. Since then we've been on the look out for something to take its place, and we've found it.

The coffee is Mikari AA from a small co-operative of around 400 farmers in Kiambu County in the Central Region of Kenya. It's a fully washed coffee that is grown in red volcanic soil at around 2,000m above sea level.

We're completing our final QC and tasting, but we're confident that Calvin has his finalised roast profile. It tastes delicious as filter and is showing real promise as espresso - the longer the rest, the better it gets. With that in mind we won't give you our finalised taste notes right now, but our importer's notes of peach, lemon, and chocolate are looking to be pretty accurate. I get a good hit of pear in there, too. We're roasting to the lighter side of medium. We will be finalising this week. 

We offer this to you at the special price of £28 for a kilogram including delivery (2nd Class RM). That compares to the £36 that it will be listed for on our website. It hasn't gone live yet, so no codes or anything - just add your name to the list below and I'll contact you regarding payment.

We're going to leave this offer open until the end of Monday 23rd August, to be roasted on Thursday 26th August. Hopefully you've all seen that our new roast schedule is Mondays and Thursdays! With a bit of luck and cooperation from Royal Mail, you should get it to tinker with over the Bank Holiday. But, of course, plan your deliveries accordingly to make sure you're not stranded without coffee! (We have a Big Bundle to help with that ;))

Use this post to register your interest.


Any questions - please feel free to ask! 

Best wishes as always

final 5 screen.gif

The Black Country Coffee Roastery
www.coffeebythecasuals.com - Discount Code: CFUK21
Instagram: @casuals_coffee

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