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Bottomless shot diagnosis please!

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Thanks everyone for the thoughts and interesting discussion, and sorry for taking a while to get back.

On 30/08/2021 at 21:13, MediumRoastSteam said:

@tj893 - loosen that screen slightly. As guidelines, only tighten the screen until you can’t rotate the shower screen on the dispersion plate, using your fingers only. 
The screw should be finger tight, literally. 

see if it improves things. 

and I’m assuming you are dosing 18g on a VST basket? (I can’t remember what basket you have). 

This helped! I must have been over tightening the shower screen which was definitely accentuating the flow pattern.

The key thing at play though has proven to be the freshness of the beans as others mentioned combined with getting the grind level right. There seems no real difference in flavour over the days that flow might gradually change and the coffee still tastes great (thanks Rob1)!

So an interesting thing (for me at least) to consider as a signpost for something to improve, but ultimately a dead end!


Many thanks again to all

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@tj893 - just letting you know that my extractions are looking now very similar to yours. What changed? The beans! I’m drinking a Kenyan from Foundry Coffee Roasters, roasted medium/light. Requires a very fine grind, tastes great, but the extraction over a bottomless looks dreadful! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Thanks for coming back with this observation- it’s great to get it confirmed. Yep it seems to relate to the viscosity of the shot, and I’ve continued to see this vary as the beans age with no discernible affect on the flavour (from thick/full and what might be thought of as a “good” extraction visually to the thinner version a week or 2 later).

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