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A very old fashioned way of roasting... (dont try this at home - smoke inhalation and fire risk)


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1 hour ago, BBCoCo said:


Hi everyone,

Decided to make a video about how we still roast coffee during ritualistic cultural coffee ceremonies. The ceremony would also including burning of incense - not recreated here. Have a look a see what you think

VIDEO: Century old coffee making technique

Do you find that using a lid makes any difference?

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I would expect that roasting over direct heat in a thin container will likely result in hot spots and beans being roasted unequally, not only per bean, but in that the inside will reach temperature much later than outside, if at all. A large pro spinning roaster will bring beans up to temp far more gradually (helped by the larger quantity of beans) and I suspect will be more heat stable and not be prone to go over temp in the same way as stove heating can.

I'm not saying this doesn't work and isn't traditional. I'm just not convinced this method is in any way superior to modern roasting methods. I suspect that modern methods provide more control and consistency, which in turn provides more consistent results, and one of the few things I've learned over the years of failing at making good coffee is that consitency is key.

Thanks for the share though!

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