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Latte art classes in Surrey / London?


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I'd like to hone my latte art / milk frothing technique to go from 'foamy heart' to 'perfect tulip'. Are there any great classes in the Surrey / South Berks / East Hamps / London area?

A few hours long is probably ideal. A mixed intermediate class with some other techniques would be fine too as it would be fun to do a proper guided cupping session - but I'd really like to focus on the latte art mostly.


I found a few options - any reviews?

https://www.prufrockconsulting.com/collections/home-enthusiast-courses/products/introduction-to-latte-art - London, £65, 2.5 hours - but can't find any available dates

https://www.winchestercoffeeschool.co.uk/product/latte-art/ - Winchester, £75, 2 hours

https://bookings.kimbo.co.uk/latte-art-training/ - Brentford, £75, 3 hours

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I just came to say what Steve just said. I was given aHad a fun half day at Artisan in Ealing playing on the kit in their training room. To be honest I'm not sure how much my art really improved: so much of it is muscle memory that, when they tell you to do it their way, it all seems to go to pot. Was enjoyable though and I picked up some tips. 

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