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Hello from Trinidad ... and a quick question

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Hi Coffee heads


I have been enjoying brewing coffee for a couple of years now.   The WFH changes gave me some time to experiment a bit and I have enjoyed watching a number of YouTubers (special shout out to James Hoffman who referred me to CFUK) sharing the depth and breadth of this fascinating topic.    I also got into Cigar smoking late last year - but I digress!

Most days I drink my coffee pure and beautifully black.   No milk, no sugar, nothing.   But on Sunday's I jazz things up a bit.  🙂   I am playing around with adding cinnamon in the filter along with the grounds.   I tried whole sticks once, and I have tried freshly grated cinnamon.    Very different results.

Has anyone tread this path before.   Are there are tips, or traps that I should be aware of?

I have also recently come into possession of a small Roaster.    I will be checking out the forum boards for that topic soon!


Love and Blessings from Trinidad & Tobago



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Welcome Robert! My wife and I honeymooned in Tobago - beautiful place. I envy your cigar prices compared to the UK's ;) I can't help with the cinnamon but I'm sure someone else will be along soon enough.

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