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1st Dial-In on Eureka Mignon Silenzio (Sage Bambino)

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Hi, was just waiting for my beans so I can dial in for the first time, only had the grinder and machine about a week.  I love a flat white, so the espresso extraction is fairly important.  It did taste pretty good.

Please comment on flow and timings.  Running at 18g dose.  I've cut the middle of the vid, but you get the gist.


Thanks all!


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Hi, so as you will see in my video, I had it all dialled in pretty nicely, I think;  but every subsequent shot has been a lot slower.

I’ve adjusted my stepless grinder a few notches courser, both yesterday and today… still the same. I am adjusting while grinding, and purging.

Could this be the grinder, or the fact the beans were roasters 5 days ago and so the CO2 composition is changing, and they need longer to rest?



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Your pour isn't too good. It takes a while to merge to 1 flow. If that is varying output is likely to as well.

If you are using the grinder with the hopper on you must waste some grinds each time the setting is changed. How much depends on what is trapped in the grinder but needs to be more than that. Same if weighing in.

One cause maybe with the hopper on and new grinder. As grinds settle down in the grinder it may tend to start grinding finer for a number of shots and then settle down. The same sort of thing can happen when  weighing beans in as well. It will work well if all grinds are driven out of the grind chamber each time a dose is ground. If not it will start grinding as it does with the hopper on which generally will need a coarser setting.

I've not used a Mignon but you mention notches. If that means scale markings on most grinders that would be a rather large adjustment.

Bean ageing? I'd have thought not. it's generally a slow effect even if used too soon. CO2 is mostly related to taste and in some respects is rather theoretical. Beans are odd things. I had some recently that had a very noticeable smell. It transferred to the taste. A few days in a vented bean can removed the smell and improved the taste.

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Donyou dose into a cup or the pf?

You can either add 1g onto rhe first shot of the day or purge after 5-6hrs of the grinder not being used 

With my mignons i always dosed into a cup then transferred to the pf, beauty is you get the weight you want. 

What i would say is your pour would do with some grind stiring know as wdt in the pf. 

Id say once you do that the grind is near good. 


Way too early for this sh...

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Thanks great comments and very helpful!

@ajohn I think you are correct, what appeared at first to be a good shot, was probably too fine and so created channelling (or similar), hence the inconsistent flow, and inability to replicate; I think I need to go courser.

@Cuprajake Yes I dose into a cup while I’m learning, and weigh everything. I will go courser and try stirring the grind a little in the PF as per the vid.


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Overfilling can cause channelling. The puck expands when it gets wet. If that compresses it more water pressure will find weaknesses. A little of that isn't a problem or even way too much. If you were using a BE I could say that very very slight signs of the shower screen fixing screw on the used puck is usually ok. It has a hex hole in it.

As an alternative you might try stirring in the cup. It can have a different effect.

The video looks like maybe light tamping to me and the degree of tamping achieved with that sort of tamper depends on the dose in the basket. When starting off a heavier tamp is a better idea in some ways and then when things have been consistent for some time then try reducing it. Best make sure the grinds are pretty level before tamping as well. Higher parts will hold off pressure on lower parts if not.

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@ajohn Thanks again… the 18g fit very well in the double basket, no where near the top. And I tamp with a fair amount of pressure, also tried easing off. I have a distributor and a tamp so are pretty level… “all the gear no idea” 🙂

I’ll try another cup later with a courser grind and stirring in the PF.

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Posted (edited)

;) Distribution tools lull people into a false sense of security. They tamp too. :) A better name would be a pretamp tool. Try setting it so that it tamps rather lightly from petty level grinds.

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