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1 hour ago, ting_tang said:

Just to confirm, if you notice flow increasing rapidly at some point of extraction, you reduce the pressure, to keep the flow in a 'normal' speed, and that will reduce over extraction?


But 'no-go' zone (when you go too fine, and a lot of channeling starts to occur, so flow increases, extraction reduces) with going finer still apply, even with pre infusion? Or you can handle such things with a much longer pre infusion? (i.e. 25-30 seconds etc)


with a pressure reducing? 


Overextraction has only been an issue if I've pulled a very long shot or if I've ground way too fine and choked the machine. You're probably getting silt rather than over extracting. Flow will increase with a long pre-infusion, especially if it just sits there absorbing water without being put under pressure. IMO, the puck probably cracks apart when this happens but I have no way of proving it without a transparent filter basket. I haven't measured the effect flow rate has on extraction, I probably should. Increasing flow should extract more I think. 

I think the decent thing quote is basically saying flow rate increases as the puck is eroded and an increasing flow rate is required to maintain pressure.  

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