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Minima - slight pump stutter, maybe 'fishy' smell

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On 23/05/2021 at 20:01, DavecUK said:

I instructed @mctrials23 on how to fix his machine by private message. I do remember these were the bolts I advised him to get



Is the 1/4 inch the right size? It seems small but I have the bolts back in the machine so I can't check.

While still a work in progress. I gave it a basic descale before pulling out the bolts to check the condition (they do need replacing) and looked in the tank, looks clean and free of calc. Together it will now come up to pressure, albeit a bit slower than normal and with a stutter still. I have ordered a new pump anyway as I will fit the quiet one you mentioned. Once all the parts arrive I will replace bolts and pump together, give it a full check of everything surrounding the pump and see how it goes.

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For anyone who is following this message.

The bolts above are the right size. I replaced them and it seems to be fine.

I replaced the pump with one of the 'silent' ones. It is quieter, but not a huge difference.

The ramp speed still seems to be slower than it used to be (8ish seconds) but the pump is not stuttering

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6 minutes ago, ryan111 said:

I replaced the pump with one of the 'silent' ones. It is quieter, but not a huge difference.


Which pump did you replace it with?

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