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Mignon Single Dose Grinder

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Not sure re price but I have been bugging them and pointing at other single dose grinders on the market. I am told it will be very competitive with established players.

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15 hours ago, BlackCatCoffee said:

Not long now!




Interesting but we are not surprised, are we? Niche, Solo, Eureka Mignon, who’s next ? 

Is this a flat ? 


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I hope it's not a problem to link to another forum: https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/eureka-oro-mignon-single-dosing.137623/

There's a couple pictures there. Don't know if that's the right one. It seems smaller than the Mignon XL sitting next to it, so if I had to guess, I'd say that it comes with 50 or 55mm burrs. I suppose they might have tilted a Manuale, added some of the ELR solutions inside, and hey presto, here's a single doser. But if it's part of their "Oro" lineup, I don't know if it makes sense to have "only" 55mm burrs.

If it can have very little retention/exchange without using any bellows, I might consider swapping from the Solo (which is great, but I could definitely do without the bellows). It would be a "mini Lagom".

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Good find. Ball dropped in the looks department IMO which is a surprise as the Specialita, Manuale etc are lovely. Why do these single dosers all lean forward? Niche and Solo do that too. I assume that's a low retention/functional design thing but I prefer upright designs.

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I played around with a prototype last year, you can see the lid in the background on the glass Airscape, cos I was playing around with my Ceado E92 puffer. It was a very pre production unit. Like the ones shown in the Kaffe Netz link. In fact I had the Blue Minima on the bench at the time 😁


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I put the two images next to each other. The body has not seemingly changed much from the prototype, but the throat seems different, and the dial perhaps is slightly larger.

If it delivers "zero retention" with no bellows (as per £££ grinders) it would be interesting as most grinders such as the Solo, don't quite have such a simple workflow.


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1 hour ago, Waitforme said:

I’m thinking this may come in cheaper than the other offerings in single dosing.

It looks like a Specialita tilted forward with no timer controls adding to the cost 🤔



That's a good point, no timer controls. But I doubt that they'll sell it for £250 and call it a 'tilted Manuale'. Now, if they did sell it for £250 (and they had stock) I reckon it would sell pretty well. If it starts costing on par with the Niche or above, it better have 65mm burrs somehow crammed in there, and there better be no bellows or weird shenanigans to perform.

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Do conical burrs perform better for low retention?

I don't think it would be hard to achieve low retention if they actually put some thought into it, when you open these grinders up there's so much dead space in the chambers and lots of areas where grinds can collect. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the problems are but I guess that it's not something people have worried about in the past?

They've certainly not spent a lot of money redesigning the outside but if if performs well and is cheap then people will live with it I'm sure!

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