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In line filter and pump?

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Morning all, so I have decided to buy either a vesuvius evo leva or a vostok 2 group.

I know with the evo I will not need a pump as it has one built in and even if I do plump it in it pulls the water from the tank. 

Which ever I decide on I will like to treat it well and get an in-line filter.

filter system

I am trying to decide between the osmio ht+ or a bestmax, does the osmio offer that much more over more traditional filters? I may end up routing the water to a tap for drinking water, but my main focus here is the coffee machine.

Pump (edit: is this needed?)

As mentioned, this will only be needed for the vostok. I have little to none knowledge regarding the requirements here, but I would like something good quality, consistent flow and low noise.

Does this effect the preinfussion pressure? If so, having it adjustable would be a bonus! @DavecUK any input on this one?

Edit: not even sure if this is needed? I have decent line preasure so I may just need to fit a regulator? Still would be interested on peoples thoughts here.


Thanks in advanced



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The Vesuvius has a regulator and guage internally, so as long as the pipework from the mains outlet to the machine can take the pressure, you regulate the valve internally. Whatever system you use to treat the water, you must have sufficient flow having sufficient pressure is not enough.

The Vostok only needs the external pump, if you are drawing from a low pressure source, like and external tank. Preinfusion pressure can be adjusted by adjusting the pressure guage ithin the machine, but you will probably be limited by the pressure of the MA-TER stat in the Vostok to 2 bar max. The EVO has a 0-6 bar pressurestat and the pump can make 4 bar...so preinfusion pressures adjustable from 1 ish to almost 4 bar.




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17 minutes ago, DavecUK said:

You will probably be limited by the pressure of the MA-TER stat in the Vostok to 2 bar max. The EVO has a 0-6 bar pressurestat and the pump can make 4 bar...so preinfusion pressures adjustable from 1 ish to almost 4 bar.



Great, thank you. So no pump needed unless I have poor flow after the filter is installed.

That is a shame regarding the 2 bar max pre infusion... I think I am going to still go with the 2 group vostok though. Not entirely sure on the implications of this and if I will ever need to adjust above 2 bar...

I feel very fortunate having the dilemma between two very good machines!

The 2 group, although will not be used to its max potential in my home, is just too pretty to pass up - I shall just have to invite some people over for coffee!


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Ok, so does anyone have any input on which in line filter system I should go for? Seems like a bwt bestmax system would fit the bill but want to ensure I am treating the machine the best i can from day 1... if that means going the RO/osmio HT route then so be it!


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7 minutes ago, El carajillo said:

Check on the quality / hardness of your local water supply then work out from filter data as to what is required and frequency of filter changes. Make sure the filters do what they say on the tin.

According to the water table (not actually measured it myself) I am in a soft water area at 60ppm.


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Yea, Midlands based. Worcestershire way.

Never had much of an issue with scale in kettles, but just want to ensure I am feeding the machine the best she can get...

I will order one of the aquarium/ppm paper testers this evening to be sure on the ppm.


There seems to be a lot of information on filters out there but hard to navigate it all and figure out what is the best option for my situation. Ie I have read great things about the bestmax premium filters but have read that the added magnesium can cause issue.

Happy to put the money on the table for a RO filter, but they seem quite bulky. I would much rather a single filter to replace every 6 months - but again if I need to go down that route I shall happily do so.


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