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Machines £600- £1200 (for sale) Lelit Grace PL81T and Eureka Mignon Specialita

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Lelit Grace PL81T and Eureka Mignon Specialita

With a heavy heart, and a slight sense of personal failure, I am putting my new coffee kit up for sale.
I have tried, and I just don't like specialty coffee. I thought I would, but I don't.

So I want to sell up and go back to the drip coffee.

This presents someone with a great opportunity to get a full setup of 3 month old kit at a good price!

Lelit Grace PL81T Espresso Machine
Eureka Mignon Specialita 55mm flat burrs in Orange.
Both from Bella Barista with a 2 year transferable warranty - cost £909 5 Feb 2021.
It's in very good condition. I'll give the steel a clean and polish.
I have added rubber feet between drip tray and cover so it no longer makes an annoying rattle.
Stainless steel does mark easily, however, so I can't guarantee as good a job as Lelit.
Comes with the shelf to raise cups up, and the blanking plate for backflushing.
I will run a backflush program with the Puly (which I also include) before sending.
I will run a de-scale programme if you like too.

The grinder has been run in and I've aligned the grinder (as per videos posted on this forum - I've removed the burrs and shimmed them so that they're level).
I'll give the grinder a good clean out, of course.
It looks very smart in the orange. My partner insisted on this (I wanted more steel) but it looks great.

There are also plenty of accessories necessary for good workflow

Eureka Mignon mat - essential! The brush is great for cleaning the basket in between shots (as well as the grinder chute), and the rubber mat keeps your work area clean and organised.
Bella Barista, £35

Lelit 57mm Bottomless Portafilter. Essential for seeing how your extractions is going. Using this, I know I've been extracting without channeling. £43 from Amazon.
This works really well, and it's very satisfying to see the coffee quickly coalesce into a single stream.
I include the original spouted one, of course. And the basket that came with it, although I use ...

Ascasso 57mm Precision Competition filter. £12 from Blue Star. I think this suits 18g perfectly for that 18g in, 38g out in 30 seconds.

Walnut handle 57mm tamper, £15 eBay

Grindelstein Knockbox. £15. I was a bit sceptical about this, but it's really useful.

I'll also throw in a pair of Gaggia espresso cups, so all you need is a set of digital scales!
I'll also throw in the V60 as I've not got on with it (except the funnel is useful for cocktails which are superb dripped through the bed)

Edit: 04/05/21. Will also include a 1kg Airscape, barely used.                  

Comes with boxes and manuals.
Has only been using with filtered water.

So all in, there's easily £1000 of stuff here.
£650 gets it courier'd to your home! I'll entertain offers from anyone arranging the courier.

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