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On 15/04/2021 at 20:07, muffs said:

Daniel Wong sells two doser cups one of which has two ridges, are there any particular benefits to this one over the one without?

Hi, glad to see you're modding for single dose and doing it properly! 

I don't know the answer for sure but seeing as you've had no response, I'll give my opinion. There's lots of advice to select dosing funnels that sit on, rather than inside of the basket because it can cause side channelling (apparently), so personally I'd select the cup with ridges. Or maybe even try and find one that sits on the basket with similar dimensions? Best of luck. 

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Hi Newdent,

Thanks for reply, the mod is on its way, I left it too late to choose before it was shipped, so it will be a surprise. I love the mazzer SJ but do not know how people put up with the doser and mess without a mod in the domestic environment. Should be here Monday cant wait!

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I'm sure either will be fine. My dosing funnel extended down into the basket leaving a noticeable ring around the perimeter of the coffee but wasn't visible after tamping and I never got side channelling.

Great, hope you get on with the Daniel Wong mod, have only heard good things and it even looks pretty good. 

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