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Curve roasters

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I'm new with curve roasters which have good opinions overall, they offer 1 filter and 1 espresso roast subscription which suits me. Last time I received from them filter roast, fruity "victor mejia heredia" 


Today I received same coffee but branded as espresso roast. 


I'm not sure how should I read this, are they just giving random roast espresso or filter brand on package? Or is it same coffee but they change roast, light to dark? Anyone please? 


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Some roasters will offer their coffee in two different profiles one for filter one for espresso with espresso generally being a touch darker.

I have a mixed 2 bag subscription from Tim Wendlboe and a few times I had the same coffee in different profile.



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Perhaps cask the Roastery directly, looking at their website , they have that coffee as a filter and espresso roast currently , so its not random . 

As above some roasters do offer filter and espresso profiles for the same coffee , when done well it is not simply a case of roasting a it darker. 

As an aside there are not that many roadsters i trust to omni roast well, I predominantly drink espresso based milk drinks so , i look for a roadsters that will indicate its useable as espresso or a decent blend . It does but does my choices considerably nowadays .

Lastyl I also enjoy the stuff curve do . 

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