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Vario help - odd "clacking" noise during grind

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I discovered the motor burr chamber mounting screws on my Vario were detached and magnetised to the motor. After discovering them all and screwing them back in, then recalibrating to 3Q, when grinding coffee it made clacking noises as though there was a stone or a screw jumping around inside during the grind. (There isn't of course!). I would only be guessing what could cause this noise - belt tension? alignment way off? (only a small section of upper burr touches when calibrated - maybe 15-20%) something to do with how I've screwed in the mounting screws? (I assumed they should be tight)

I've removed the ceramic burrs and refitted after careful cleaning and made sure the burr screws were tight. Can anyone suggest what might be causing the noise? I'm worried about damaging something. Attached an mp4 audio only file. The sound is actually worse in the flesh!

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