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Barista Pro Buzzing when up to heat

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Afternoon all,

As the title when my Pro gets up to heat it starts buzzing just before the extraction and you can hear like a voltage sound I'd describe then goes quiet.

To stop the continued buzzing turning the machine on/off helps. And when it cools down there is no more buzzing.  (The buzzing is only heard before extraction when it is up to temp, it didn't happen when I first got machine)

Any thoughts what it could be? 

Many thanks

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There is a switch mode power supply in them that you may be able to here. Depends how loud it is.

Solenoids can make a rattling noise usually when a shot is pulled that stops all on it's own when the shot has been pulled. Scale can cause this on any machine. It can be fixed by cleaning them. There is a youtube video on doing just that.

A fix that may work if this is the problem is to crush up 2 cleaning tablets and run a cleaning cycle. Not back flushing or descaling often enough can cause this problem.

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