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My new Londinium L1 replaced with a Lelit Bianca.


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Welcome to the LEVER CLUB  matey 👏

Remember some of those tips i gave you and you'll nail it.

p.s....FWIW the next-step on the upgradeitus ladder is a GS3, a Speedster or a Slayer...just saying :classic_wink:


EDIT:- when you move house then plumb that sucker in.....no pump noise.....the silence is deafening muhahaha

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25 minutes ago, Cuprajake said:

they are, there not small mind, 

the big question is, are yer guns big enough so that you can film a youtube video with one hand and pull the shot with the other?

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10 hours ago, Cuprajake said:

Picked this up tonight. 

Really happy with it 

Found this useful when I went over to the lever dark side last year. 


Great for catching the discard waste as you swap cups over and prevents coffee mess. The one I use the most is the 30ml spoon.


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56 minutes ago, Cuprajake said:


perfect, ive just watched a vid of someone doing exactly that



It’s very easy to do. Hope you have a lot of enjoyment from using it.

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@CuprajakeThis might sound like a lecture, but it is not! With a lever, when you pull the lever down, you inject a set amount of water onto the puck. it is important (for consistency), to keep the lever cocked until two or three drips have fallen into the cup before you raise the lever. This way, you know two things, Firstly you have emptied all the water onto the puck and secondly, the puck has saturated which will help an even extraction. Does not really matter but I would aim for about 5 to 7 seconds for the drips to appear, which in turn will help you set your grind correctly. Do the same thing every time

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In a race between a donkey and a horse, to see who could reach the bottom first..........one side has a commanding lead


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Im still getting to grips with it. The basket etc, and the grind size. 

Ive ordered a naked pf so hoping that will make things easier 

Way too early for this sh...

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