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Sage Dual Boiler with/without Compak e5


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I've decided to sell my office set up since I'm now working from home. I bought the Dual Boiler brand new around a year ago and its hardly been used. Its immaculate. Truffle black (the nice one).

I use it alongside a matching black Compak e5, bought second hand, but having had very little use. It's still had very little use. I use the same grinder at home, and whilst I am considering upgrading that one, it's been an excellent grinder.

I do not have pictures as yet, but will get some next time I visit the office.

Given that the Sage is pretty much as new I'm thinking I should see £650 for that. I'd like £350 for the grinder, making it £1000 for a great set up.

I am in East Sussex but can look to arrange shipping, free of charge if you buy both at asking price.



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2 minutes ago, Andy Brown said:

Hi @Beanbag, is this still available?


Yes, sure is! There’s a new thread in the correct section; For Sale lol. I posted here by mistake last week. I have already sold the grinder to @maddernj, he’s eagerly waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. I do have another E5 but it’s still in use. It will be for sale once I get my new grinder. 

Thanks for your interest.



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