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Light or Medium roasts taste like manure to me...?


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8 hours ago, LukeC said:

over the counter antihistamines and using a nasal spray,

could be that is affecting your perceptions of hte coffee - a lot of "taste" is in the smell really.


Also - could be the type of water you are using/


Also - could just be that naturally processed coffee is not for you.

I have something called Hyperosmia - have had it since my first pregnancy and never went away - I have some things I use to manage it to keep it at a dull roar but essentially it means I smell things more than usual - and therefore I taste things more than usual, and no - this is not a super power it is in fact really annoying and occasionally really unpleasant (think a dog poops down the road - I am the first to know!)

There are a few things you can test from your list - with or without your antihistamines, with or without nasal spray, with the same or different water - but the easiest I would imagine would simply be to do as usual and try a similar scored, similar roasted, similar grind, similar brew method - but washed coffee and see if you still pick up on the nitrate methane mix that spells cow pat ( I too am used to farms so  know the exact smell - very different to a pig farm - holy heavens that is a smell to melt your eyeballs - ammonia and urea super concentrate🤭😁)

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I do go through normal periods where I won't take the antihistaminesbor nasal spray for 36 hours or so regularly and don't notice a difference, but maybe I'll try a week detox and see if it makes a difference. 


I honestly think my taste buds may just be different and sensitive to a natural process; I usually don't pay much attention to the process but choose based on region and roast profile. I'll experiment by using process to choose instead! 

That being said I still never get the tasting notes from coffees I enjoy... I'm on the El Salvador from Black Cat today and my V60 this morning was balanced and delicious, but I didn't get any of the tasting notes. I don't mind as I definitely enjoyed the cup, it just makes me wonder what's wrong with my taste 😂 

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I too am allergic to something am blocked up year round, lost my sense of smell a year ago(not covid) hasn’t come back at all. Can taste fine though but there are times certain coffees don’t work for me when I know I’ve found them fine before.

Try oxymetazoline for a few hours of clear airways it’s a godsend. Been waiting 9 months for an ent appointment and still just on the waiting list.

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