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EK43S Cleaning

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3 hours ago, Northern_Monkey said:

Also have similar tendencies, I have learnt through experience sometimes I have to just put the spanner/screwdriver down even if it is still annoying me...


I have a tendency to fixate, but yes, sometimes I have to (try to) walk away. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop me going over and over things in my head; sometimes it’s preferable to keep going with the tools until I find a resolution (or at least a path to one) rather than worry about something for days or weeks after. I have to choose my hobbies carefully! Espresso was always an unwise one for me!

3 hours ago, Northern_Monkey said:

Not tried the new coffee brew burrs, but just for reference the Turkish ones still make a mean V60 especially if you  use the Rao single pour fine grind approach

The coffee burrs are so good for pour over. I have never had a pour over from a cafe (specialty ones like Association, Notes, New Black etc) that came close to pour overs from the EK43S with coffee burrs. I really don’t want to lose that. My only gripe is with work flow - I need to use at least four pours (including the bloom) to slow things down for a 2.5 min brew. Even at close to espresso grind fineness, there is so little resistance from the coffee that, if there is much of a water column above the slurry, the water just flows straight through in under 2 mins, resulting in noticeable underextraction.

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That sounds a bit strange really, as you should be getting much slower pours at close to espresso range? Might be worth checking with other forum members with the same brew burrs.

The washed Ethiopian coffee I’m using at the minute is 2.5 on the dial with 18g for a long espresso shot.

Same coffee is 6.5 on the dial for 21g of coffee, 63g bloom/mixing for 30s and then a single pour to reach 350g. One swirl and total time was over three minutes when drawdown finished.

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2 hours ago, Northern_Monkey said:

That sounds a bit strange really, as you should be getting much slower pours at close to espresso range? Might be worth checking with other forum members with the same brew burrs.

Yeah it bugs me a bit, but it’s definitely grinding fine enough for even the finest V60, so I don’t think it’s too much of an issue. And as long as I slow things down, it tastes really good. It might be more my technique, which may have developed bad habits from my conical days. And I do try to get 50% of the water in the v60 in the first minute, which certainly speeds things up.

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