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Another Lockdown Newbie

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This site is fantastic and has helped me with my recent upgrading decision, so thanks to everyone for posting great advice. 

I have been using the Delonghi Dedica and a cheap blade grinder (now cringing at this) for last 18 months, and decided to start taking coffee a bit more seriously. A couple of weeks research, hours spent on the forums here, and a Gaggia Classic and Eureka Specialita grinder were ordered this morning after a serious amount of wobbling. 

Almost everywhere I looked the GC was being recommended, and went for the Eureka over the Sage Pro Grinder as it seems to hold it's value well which will help if this ends in a disaster! 

Now filled with equal measures of excitement and fear. Excited to get stuck in and hopefully notice a huge improvement in my home brews (knowing what I now know, this SHOULDN'T be too difficult), and scared that it is going to be a lot harder than I imagine and it ends up being a stressful expensive mistake with coffee flying out the machine all over the place!

It will certainly keep me busy anyway, and will try interact as I go along and encounter various challenges. 




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Don't worry, you'll make your share of dreadful coffee just like everyone else did when they started out!

The key is to just not get stressed out about, change one variable at a time and keep practising.

The setup you have ordered is capable of making excellent coffee. You will be able to far exceed anything you can find on the high street with a bit of practice.

Welcome to the forum.



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Izzo Vivi, Alex and Alex Duetto in stock now!

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this website is amazing! and a big hit to my work productivity..

working -> makes coffee to be more productive -> wants to get better coffee -> discovers world of coffee machine experts -> spends time reading the forum instead of working

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Welcome to the rabbit hole! We all have a wibbly wobbly path to the coffee we love to drink and that's what makes it fun.

Your first bad coffee, will still be miles ahead of takeaway coffee and you'll start to appreciate fresh roasts and good beans.

I'm fairly new to the forum, but not new to coffee, you'll like it here.

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Thanks for the replies. I have spent far too much time on this sight since posting, I would be lost without all the shared knowledge! 

My new Gaggia and Mignon arrived the afternoon and I have spent the evening setting it all up, and pulled my first few shots. Pleased to report that coffee did not go spurting all over the kitchen. Choked the machine first attempt, but after that my ratios weren't too bad at all for a first attempt, decent looking crema (I think) and some were very tasty (I think, my palate not refined in slightest).

A few of the pucks I had were quite wet looking, with water lying on top of them, and then my final shot of the night the puck seemed dry and came out intact into knock box (this was coincidently the best tasting shot). I had increased the dose by 2g for this final shot by mistake. 

Is it worth taking notes / keeping eye on what the puck looks like when trying to dial in? 

Now to try and go to sleep after tasting far too much coffee all night ... 

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Good effort is it the new 2020 gp you have running stock pressure?  What are you dosing? 18g? Stock double basket?

if so get a @MrShades spring kit to drop he pressure and slow the extraction commercial machines run around 9bar 


also what beans ? Freshly roasted beans make all the difference notes will help especially if you swap beans it will take a little while for grinder and machine to bed in so don’t worry if it goes a bit Pete tong just go again don’t rush to change 

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Yeah the new model with the double basket that came with machine. The wet pucks I was getting were from 16g doses and then the last good one was 18g (didn’t mean to grind as much but went with it). 
Got the 1:2 ratio in roughly 30 secs. Not sure how important time is, going to play around at weekend with different sizes / times etc..
Using good beans that were roasted almost 2 weeks ago.
I spent a bit of time on @MrShadeswebsite yesterday, some fantastic stuff there for sure (the lower drip tray looks fantastic), but will wait a while before making any internal mods. 

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