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Vacuuming beans (without freezing)

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I know this has been discussed before but usually in the context of freezing. I am finding myself with excess beans with not much room in the freezer. I've vacuum packed them so wondering how much vacuuming alone will slow down degradation? Will they still taste as good say 1 month down the line if they've been vacuum packed a few days after roasting (that's how long it would take to clear the backlog)? Or shall I try to make some room in the freezer after all?

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I keep beans in vacuum packs for a month to six weeks with no noticeable (to me anyway!) degradation.

Keep in a cool room if you have one in the house.

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I'm sure Dave did some testing years ago with different bags and packing methods and found just squeezing all the air out of a ziplock bag was better than vacuum sealing. I think there was some theory about the pressure of vacuum sealing being a negative.... So i guess use they lowest pressure setting/manually stop before the vacuum really forms a brick. 

That said unopened and properly sealed it'll probably be fine for about a month or a little longer but will probably age faster once opened.

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When you say "excess beans" do you mean several unopened small bags from, maybe, a subscription, or one bigger bag (like 1Kg) that you decant maybe 250g at a time from? What i've done in the past is, obviously, leave smaller bags sealed unless you're specifically dipping into different beans, and reseal a bigger bag as well as you can, then double-bag them in ziplocks. No, I didn't do any testing of methodolgy. I just didn't entirely trust one ziplock to be that good a seal, and that double bagging cost next to nothing, and decreased the chances of air gettuing past the first seal.

I suppose, by extension, you could ziplock, then push air out and finish the zip .... then vacuum-seal the ziplock. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.

Preferably in a cellar underneath the planning department  of the third planet in the second star system in  the Andromeda galaxy, behind a fdoor marked "Beware of the Panther". Sorry, I may have been re-reading my old HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and got a bit carried away, there. But no matter, the doctor is due with my medication shortly. :D

Also, the latter step may be a smidge inconvient when you need a few more beans.Damned panther. ;)

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