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Steam pressure drops off very rapidly- Profitec700


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I’ve just re-read the thread here and what I can’t see is how long your warm up time is. My Synchronika gets to 133 and 2bar pretty quickly but if I was to steam as soon as it hits this temperature and pressure it does drop pressure and temp rapidly. I’ve found big improvements in shots and steaming when the machine has had a one hour warm up first thing in the morning. Subsequent warm up times (11am brew for example) don’t need nearly as long as there is still residual heat in the group, boilers, pipe work etc.

I also have learnt to give the steam arm a purge before I pull the shot. If you’ve started your shot before you purge, the machine will prioritise the brew boiler so the steam boiler will bot recover pressure/temp from the purge until you have finished your shot and the brew boiler has recovered.

Purging the steam before your shot then leaves only a very small purge to do before you steam your milk and the subsequent drop in pressure is hugely reduced.

I’ve also today tried the ECM 5 hole tip instead of the stock 2 hole. Absolute monster. I might actually turn the boiler down...

I also think the decimal only blinks when the relevant heating element is active. 

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Hi - mine is typically on for an hour before I brew. I purge the steam wand first to rid the condensation. Then brew, then wait a bit cleaning up etc, then steam.. that seems to work best for performance. 

if I were to brew, then immediately purge the steam wand and then steam the machine would run out of puff quickly and struggle to steam one small pitcher. 

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