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Any yoghurt makers (ie makers-of-yoghurt)on the forum?

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This might be in the wrong place - as it's neither baking nor brewing. But close enough to either! (mods please move to a more appropriate place if needed)


As per the title -does anyone here make their own yoghurt? I have only just started on this journey by boiling up the milk, adding a tablespoon of tesco's finest plain yoghurt as a starter, and leaving it overnight. Seems to have worked fine :) Currently cooling in the fridge ready for tomorrow's breakfast.

I see there are a few companies online offering different starter cultures - any experiences with these? 

Any hints or tips gratefully appreciated





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I have used the Easy Yo kits with their powder mixes. They are an expensive way to do it but the kit can be used without the need to buy their silly powders.

You just add room temp UHT milk with some skimmed powder and a tablespoon or so of live yoghurt from the supermarket (or from the previous batch). It works well overnight.

The advantage with this method is you don't have to heat the milk up in a pan which I find changes the taste/texture a bit.

Oh and do try straining it through a cheese cloth to make greek style at some point. Labneh is yum too with homemade yoghurt.

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Been making yogurt for decades - dead easy. Any maker with a thermostat control will do. You don't need any special strain - any organic plain yogurt will do preferably unflavoured. I use long life milk - prefer the taste. You can use some of your home made yogurt to use as a starter for the next batch.

You can also make your own Greek style strained yogurt by sieving through muslin after making and make it as thick as you like.

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Thanks for the insights.

I do prefer the "greek style" yoghurts so did strain this through muslin before refrigerating it.

Being a total noob at this, I have embarked on watching tons of you-tube clips and reading blogs. I get a sense that there is a limit to how often you can keep re-using the culture to start a new batch. Do you find this to be the case?

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