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What water do people use at home? I use either well filtered or French Bottled Water - nothing special perhaps Evian - I find it better than tap water.


For making Espresso of course not just drinking!

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TDS is a very crude measure (the clue is in the word 'total'); the different minerals that comprise a TDS of, say, 150, have very different effects on the flavour of coffee. If I remember correctly, Waitrose own brand water is one of the better ones for home use.



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It probably is a can of worms, have you seen the mega threads on it including all the work that Xpenno has done? Also I believe Maxwell from C&S has written a whole book on the subject! It really is mind-boggling if you're not a chemist and coffee expert! Then again Coffeechap and Glenn are both very knowledgeable about both the taste side and the machine care side. Now I have a dual boiler machine which is a lot more effort to descale, I run mine on either Volvic, Waitrose Essential or a mixture of the two. Or Ashbeck/Volvic mix. But for a simple answer, Volvic as CC and Glenn have already said.

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There is no evidence bottled water is better for you and, indeed, it may be less safe than tap water.

In coffee making terms is more talked about due to wanting a consistent water and also trying to get the right mix of minerals and so on to make as good a coffee as possible

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No one was arguing about health benefits real or imagined. As JL said, for espresso it's about the right balance of minerals for a good extraction and avoiding scale build up.


You may be right that bottled water isn't as good for you - my step sister was high up in Scottish water and she said the permissible bacteria content of mains water is many many times lower than what the big drinks companies have been able to negotiate. However as water in an espresso machine boiler is, er, boiled, it's not meaningful, or relevant to the thrust of this thread

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Just decided to inspect the top of the e61 group today to check for scale after 4 months of use, on average 3 litres of water a week. This coffee machine only had Tesco Ashbeck and has never been descaled:


So, after 4 months, this is the state of the top valve:




Nice and clean. :-)


I just decided to post this so people can have a rough idea on what to expect on their own machines if you use Ashbeck.

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