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Cheap as chips ~ but can it work at this ludicrous price ??

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I was sold at  "Tasting coffee taste of life"  - I can feel a new Roastery brew bar being built entirely with these bad boys.😂

I do wonder though, if you could hack machines like this and get great results? -I wonder how much work/money would need to go into it to get an EK level performance.

Certainly not life expectancy, but just to get a few 18/20g grinds from one of these and an EK side by side and not tell the difference.  Totally not worth the time/money and effort but I still find it interesting. 

www.crownandcanvas.co.uk  // Staffordshire - UK



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That actually is the sort of thing you probably could find on YouTube. I've seen some of these gun videos where some guy gets an assault rifle and some super duper ammo and tries to shoot cast iron frying pans (not sure why). It must be only a short step from frying pans to coffee beans? Desert Eagle Coffee? There is always Black Rifle Coffee Company, set up by US veterans, maybe ask them if they have tried it hahaha!

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Those guys are jiqi innovators. Elon Musk level. Plate of ground coffee anyone? 



UPD. Damn! They also sell those torture hamster wheels! 


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I did see a lot of machines that looked a *lot* like EK43's in Asia. I initially assumed it was copy-pasta.

Then in japan, there was a machine that even had a similar logo/placement. I had a discussion with the barista and it turns out it was a Japanese-made grinder that was decades old. I wouldn't be surprised if both that and the EK have common lineage since eh... "older times" (wikipedia says mahlkoning was established in 1924).

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