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Jabberwocky alternatives

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Dear all

Hasbean’s Jabberwocky (or at least the Fernandes and Wells house blend that it is most close to) was the espresso that I refer to as my Damascene moment back in 2008. The sweetness in the last few cooling sips was a flavour I had never associated with coffee back then and I remember vividly it marrying with the paprika from the scrambled egg and chorizo I was enjoying it with. Ever since then it has been my go to - a 40ml shot from 20g in a bottomless portafilter. Two of those first thing and I am unstoppable!

Now I have my grinder up and running again, I would like to try some other beans and blends similar in style/taste. I am loyal to Hasbean and have always found Steve and the team über helpful - would just be nice to see what others are doing  

 I would be very grateful for your suggestions. 

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Branch out for sure! I havent had jabberwocky in a long long time so can't recall what it's like.... my suggestion is to jump in what are you drinking this morning thread and read through. Constant new beans/roasters pumped through there- most post tasting notes to give you a jump off into what you might enjoy.

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