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Javahub - My experience

Message added by DavecUK,

You are strongly advised to read all the reviews here before purchasing from this company.

Message added by DavecUK,


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11 hours ago, Danny Wright said:

Hi Izzoalex, this is true...you have nothing to worry about as this being dispatched tomorrow with a non-broken hopper in the colour you requested. This is a common problem with the Eureka Grinders as the packaging doesn’t fully protect the plastic. We do keep plenty of spare hoppers for some of the more popular ranges, but not for the one you did.
I’ll give you a call tomorrow to discuss.

Thank you


Hi Danny,

Thank you for engaging in this forum and for today providing confirmation of shipping. I do look forward to receiving the the DPD shipping number which (by email) you have advised me will be provided once the item has been scanned, usually 5pm.

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Ordered a Eureka Mignon Specialita for just over £300.  Ordered before the new year so expected a delay.   Delivery was due on the 05/01/2021, when checking DPD tracking it showed the item in Californ

Hi all, 

I am having the same issue. I ordered a swan retro espresso machine first week of December as a Christmas present, having spoken to the online chat it was confirmed that the order was going to be delayed but would still be there before Christmas. Few days before Christmas I am contacted to confirm that the order would be delayed and would not be delivered until middle of January - understandable in the current climate. I was offered a replacement machine which I was happy with, and was told it would still be delivered prior to Christmas (this was on the Friday). On the Monday evening I received another email stating that the replacement unit would also not be here before Christmas- so I had to cancel my order. 


It is now the 20th of January and am still awaiting my refund, having spoken to the online chat everyday for the past fortnight. Originally told that my refund had been incorrectly processed, and should then be with me 2-3 days later.... This was a week ago now and I am still awaiting the money. I have been told that management shall contact me, but to no avail. Impossible to get through to customer services on the phone and the live chat can take hours to reply, without actually helping my situation. 

I appreciate that the company is new, and that times are challenging, but communication has been very poor, and I hope that this can improve as the company grows.

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I'm going to  say "very gently", this area is meant for "reviews", factual comment about the service one has received from a particular company, whether it was good bad and why. I fully understand the frustration some members must feel, and the burning need to pass comment/judgment on the company concerned.

Unfortunately this dilutes the review area, and it's usefulness to others in deciding whether to purchase from a particular company. The general rule of thumb should be, if you purchased something then feel free to comment, if someone asks for advice about what to do, possibly help in a factual (non-inflammatory) way about their rights, rules of sale, CC remedies etc... Otherwise, sit on your hands and eat your popcorn. This prevents this area turning into:

Shooting Black And White GIF by Buyout Footage

I don't want to have to go through this thread with the mod blackboard rubber...which is just a gigantic PITA (cos once I do one, to keep it fair, I have to do all the others)

Thanking you all in advance for your understanding.


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Nothing here...


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On 19/01/2021 at 14:02, Izzoalex said:

I do look forward to receiving the the DPD shipping number which (by email) you have advised me will be provided once the item has been scanned

Do you have good news to report @Izzoalex? It would be nice to read something positive on this thread!

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On 18/01/2021 at 15:40, Izzoalex said:

I ordered a grinder on 29th December 2020 (stupidly) before reading all the alarming reviews on here and trust pilot.

I then emailed the company saying I had read alarming reviews and wanted confirmation that the item I ordered is actually in stock.

I got an email response back immediately saying it was in stock but would take up to 7 working days to dispatch.

After that 7 days had ended, I chased for an update and was told that it was due to be dispatched the following Thursday (14th jan).

The day before it was due to be despatched I received an email from Danny saying that the hopper has a crack on it, and that a new one is being ordered from Europe. I was given to the portion to either wait for that or accept a black version instead of chrome plus discount (which I really don’t want as I have a chrome coffee machine).

I responded saying I would just be happy to take delivery of it with a cracked hopper as I plan to upgrade the hopper anyway.

Since then, I have chased a response a number of times without anything but the standard “we have your email etc” responses in return. In light of the significant concerns on here and Trust Pilot, that hardly fills me full of confidence.

I have now advised them that if they cannot fulfil my order within 72 hours then I require a refund immediately.

if I don’t get a response (or a satisfactory response), I will it seems have to take steps to seek recovery in the county court as I paid on a debit card and think contacting trading standards etc is a likely a waste of time.

Court proceedings would be very straightforward and I am a lawyer anyway. I’d rather not do that but I’m not waiting weeks or months for a satisfactory outcome here. This company has already had almost a £1000 of my money since December and I could very well be already enjoying the same grinder for a little more money from another company.

Update 21/1/21.


I have this afternoon received the grinder in the chrome as ordered which, although I’ve not ground any coffee yet, appears to be in working order. 

As overall feedback, my comments to JavaHub is to improve lines of communication with customers with regular updates so that they need not chase. Being forced to chase for updates caused me significant concern in my case given all that is available to read about other people’s negative experiences (on here and Trust Pilot) on purchases other than coffee. This was especially the case given the item I bought was almost £1000.

Thanks and all the best to anyone else awaiting products or refunds.


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To be contrarian, I had an ok experience.  Decided I needed a Mignon Tamping Mat during the Christmas break, no one showed them in stock at a reasonable price so placed an order with JavaHub on the 28th (Boxing Day bank holiday).  Item was dispatched on the 6th of Jan and delivered on the 11th.

Not to excuse poor conduct but the combined challenges of COVID, Brexit, and the usual Christmas demand has put huge strain on any retailer importing from the continent, so in context a 2 week wait time for my order wasn’t too bad.

I’d probably feel a lot differently if it was for a big ticket item.

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You were all warned, continual posts about the company that are not reviews, but opinions based on others experiences have been removed throughout the thread. The last post I saw was simply the straw that broke the camels back @Ilias

I didn't want to have to do this, and it's in a sense a shame that the commenting got so out of hand that it all had to be removed, some of it might have been valuable. I say again, if it's a review...great, if it's advice on how to deal with getting money back or dealing with the experience OK as long as personal opinions about the company are not added. You all know the fine line that has to be walked.

If not....it's just going to get removed.

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Nothing here...


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On 14/01/2021 at 00:47, Tomatin said:

Had an email from Danny,

He says the stock was held up because we went into lock down and France closed the border crossing, then as time went on too long the stock was returned to sender because we then had Brexit to contend with and all the documentation was wrong.  He said it will be a few days and he will send some coffee for my patience........

Coffee I do not need, and I have also now got the machine,  bought elsewhere and delivered in three days! So once again I confirmed I want a refund.

Fingers crossed!!!!

Just an update... I have indeed had a text from Javahub to say that a refund has been processed, as Danny from Javahub said in his response on this platform, it may take 7/10 days. 

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