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Mazzer funnel doserless kit

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Having recently refurbished my Mazzer Major, I now have a funnel (Pre-cut with the screw and chute holes), the Mazzer motor back plate and a wood turned lid for the funnel.

I had intended to use this for my own Major but had a last minute change of heart and spent my son’s inheritance on the Daniel Wong set up.

The funnel and backing plate cost me just shy of £50 and with a lid and the work already complete on the funnel, this is ready to go/fit. I would welcome sensible offers. 

(Motor back plate not in photos but still for sale at espressoshop amongst other places).



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6 hours ago, Sam_d said:

Do you know the measurement between the mounting holes please?

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I took a template from somewhere on here but know it fitted my Major doser screw holes as I tried fitting it. I don’t have an accurate tape measure to hand - if I find one I will post a picture. 

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I think I looked at this for guidance:


I have a tape measure but it doesn’t look to be very precise and I wouldn’t want to give incorrect information. As I recall, the Major and Super Jolly dosing units are the same size (albeit the backing plates may be different).

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2 hours ago, brokentechie said:

How much would you like for it? I'm not sure but I think you have to put a clear price on sales ads (maybe another forum I'm on though, so apologies if that's not the case here)


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Hi there


I was hoping for £40 plus postage - parts on their own were more, the funnel is precut and there is a turned wooden lid thrown in too. Sorry, new to this game. Not sure what postage would be but would be capped at £5 - would need to check box size and delivery time desired. 

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58 minutes ago, Techno said:

Would this fit a mazzer mini?

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That I don’t know. The backing plate is Major-specific, or at least was sold as such. I haven’t researched Mini dimensions. Instinctively I would say not, although I could be wrong. 

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