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Osmio Sanser: A revolutionary cleaning and sanitising innovation - saves you money, single use plastic and a plethora of "fragrance chemicals".

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Dear Fellow Coffee Lovers!

It's nearly Christmas, in fact I've already seen some houses lit up! I think I have a great Christmas Present idea!

We are please to introduce the Osmio Sanser. It makes sodium hypochlorite (bleach) from simply tap water, table salt and a electrolysis. It's an absolute winner for reclaiming your cleaning products cupboard, as in my own home, we only buy washing up liquid now! It's possible to clean and sanitise nearly all equipment, surfaces, bathroom furniture, for floor mopping and more. 

You can read all about it in the article on Kent Online:


Exclusively for CFUK members I have just created a 25% discount code "cfsaving" you can use until 22nd December (just in time for last minute presents) and you can even write in the order comments if it a gift and you can have it delivered to where you want.

Visit the link below to start shopping!


Please inbox me if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Mark Kent

Osmio Water


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We had absolutely amazing news today. The Osmio Sanser Spray is now BS EN 1276 Certified meaning you can use it in your cafe, restaurant and any commercial place! The test was after 60 seconds using the 10 minute cycle and in day 1 of making the sodium hypochlorite.

See testing details here: https://www.osmiowater.co.uk/manuals/21887.1%20Osmio%20Solutions%201276.pdf

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Even better news, the Osmio Sanser is now BS EN 1500 Certified for Hand Sanitiser, making a far superior option than alcohol based hand sanitisers. The schools will be pleased!

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If you run a restaurant, cafe or hospitality business, you might be spending silly money on alcohol based hand santiisers and cleaning sprays. You can end that all in an instant with the Osmio Sanser, and there is still 25% off until 22nd December or while stocks last.


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