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Mazzer Royal, Titanium Burrs

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I'm parting with my Mazzer Royal. It has been my go-to grinder for a few years, but it is just too big for my kitchen. I've recently bought a Niche Zero to replace it, and whilst I had planned to keep the Royal, I simply can't justify it.

It has Titanium burrs, and I've applied a nice clean sweep mod (shrink tubing and egg timer dome). I have sometimes used an acrylic tube as a micro doser, though for the majority of time, I single dosed with a tamper (to stop popcorning). I will of course include both the tamper and tube in the sale. I may have the original hopper somewhere in the garage which I will also include if I can find it!

The paintwork is not great (as you will see in the pictures), but the grinder itself is sound. 

I'm looking for £225. Given the weight of the item, though, this is for (socially distanced) collection only. I am in Holt, Wiltshire (just outside of Trowbridge, near Bath). 


20201101_144402.thumb.jpg.053fa5bde9cfe20d28538fc079449b1f.jpg  20201101_144217.thumb.jpg.05c025225a75c587b0fb7d3a52066eb9.jpg

20201101_144409.thumb.jpg.2a2dcebe8ab8e7f40873d46068f8c671.jpg  20201101_144423.thumb.jpg.1c4fb109355bf8971eb7d4394339f147.jpg

20201101_144429.thumb.jpg.f4c165267f545609460747d71e539164.jpg  20201101_144440.thumb.jpg.bb881934b00f6f3b209b094b31061675.jpg

20201101_144417.thumb.jpg.1ab03b910f19289937d97ec62ba3ad8f.jpg  20201101_144444.thumb.jpg.6994b963bed94dc6812fd8f745bcf8bd.jpg

20201101_144513.thumb.jpg.489ccb751146a05803074e2b7c279fbf.jpg  20201116_075607.thumb.jpg.01fa00218f070cebb1481fbd483ecfa2.jpg


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56 minutes ago, Edlong said:

Hi, really interested if I sorted a courier pickup would that be ok? Thanks

Sorry, at the moment, I'm really only looking for local collection - but will shout if that changes.

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1 hour ago, bluebeardmcf said:

Interested, but transport is a problem in this time.

Sure, understood. At the moment, I'm still not looking to ship, but will shout if that changes. 

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57 minutes ago, bluebeardmcf said:

Fair enough, and perhaps somebody is in the queue ahead of me - would you be happy if a friend of mine agrees to pick it up for me?

Yes, that would be fine with me - as long as payment is either made in advance via bank transfer or your friend is willing to bring cash.

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