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Hello from Scotland


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Hi, I’m James, a baker and brewer and doctor based in Glasgow. Nice to be here!

I’ve become obsessed with coffee like I have before with sourdough and craft beer; as quick read of this forum suggests I’m certainly not alone 😂

My current setup:

Weber HG-1 w/ blind tumbler

La Pavoni Europiccola (post mill); pressure gauge and digital group head thermometer; walnut handles; OE single hole steam wand; bottomless; stainless arm

Homemade ‘Bean Cellar’

Kaldi Mini roaster with Mastech thermometer hooked up to Artisan


Currently brewing some Hacienda la Esmerelda from Panama and a few nice Ethiopian microlots; tend to buy green a kilo at a time and rotate them. In the market for a bigger roaster.


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Here it is! Just a temporary one using a 30mm drill bit roughly drilled into a piece of worktop offcut, and wee glass vials from Amazon (30mmx80mm - 40ml - holds 15g of coffee and no more, so only suitable for lever lovers).


I’ll eventually find a nicer bit of wood and do it properly. Total cost £15 though!





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