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Aillio Bullet R1 V2

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Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Coffee Roaster in great condition. It's a 220v version for UK and runs like a dream, even in an old Victorian house with questionable wiring!

It has a 1kg capacity and some folks roast up to 1.2kg in it, but I would say with honesty that it performs best with charges between 350 - 800g. An ideal roaster for small scale commercial or a home enthusiast.
It connects to RoasTime software that gives you allows you complete control over the machine, and lets you playback previous roasts as well as create recipes. 
Purchased direct from manufacturer in January and has completed around 350 roasts since without any problems at all. I averaged batches of 600g so well below the 3.5kg per day suggestion as max capacity from Aillio. 
This is the V2 version with Infrared sensor, the latest model. I am also including a custom made metal exhaust adaptor.
I am happy to send a video of the Bullet in action if you message me.
With import fees these will set you back about £2,800 and have a 3 month waiting list. I am looking for £2,100 o.v.n.o.
Some great videos from Sweet Marias on YouTube about the Bullet if you want to learn a little more.
I am reluctantly selling due to the financial impact of Covid-19. I'm going to miss the roaster enormously!
Any questions, let me know!








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