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Sage dual boiler gurgling & steam issues

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So after my last issues with my dual boiler which needed some new washers I have a new problem ( or two )

if I try and make a coffee first thing just after the machine has warmed up it gurgles just after you press the 1 or 2 cup button ( or even the manual button) my work around for this is to stop it and turn on the hot water tap for a second and then it works no problem.

last night I noticed a similar issue with the steam in that hardly any steam was coming out this time the hot water trick didn’t work but eventually the steam started to come out as it would normally.

another thing I’ve noticed is that there is water under the drip tray mainly on the left side, I’ve checked the tray and it’s not full or cracked, and I’ve opened the machine up and can’t see any signs of water leaking (well no new ones) but I did notice the tube from the top of the three way valve (I think that’s what it is) is brown and slightly sticky on the outside and this does end towards the left side of the drip tray

ive read a few bits on out west coffee and it suggests it might be the pump but I’ve not got any of the error codes they had.


any ideas?



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I think the water in the drip tray is normal for sage machines but hopefully an owner will be along shortly to confirm.

As far as the gurgling etc goes, has the machine been descaled recently? Has it been run on suitable water?



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Thanks for the reply

It has been descaled and I’ve ran the cleaning cycle a few times over the last month or two. When you say suitable water it’s wet and comes out of a tap if that counts? Lol seriously though we have a two stage water filter but we do get a lot of scale still. I think the machine is about 4/5 years old now and until this year it’s been ok



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The water under the drip tray happens with mine too I think it's just the high pressure water from the opv been blown all over the shop, the gurgling happened with mine too I have completely eliminated it by bypassing the hx loop in the steam boiler as for the steam its probably a scale issue 

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Not sure how old your machine is ie not is it under warranty or not. if it isnt then i would take the top off and see if there are any leaks from the boilers.

Unfortunately i have a similiar issue at the moment which to me sounded like gargling i had a leak on the right side. When trying to make coffee nothing would happen if i had left the machine on for a while. i thought the pump may have gone but after takign the top off i saw there was a leak on the steam boiler.

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So I’ve had the lid off for a while now and spotted some more leaking seals but there is one I can’t seem to get too, it’s on the side of the steam boiler.

I managed to pull the pin out after I had chipped away the scale (it must have been leaking a long time) but I can’t seem to get the tube out, how difficult is it to remove the boiler from the case? I’ve searched for a video on YouTube but couldn’t see anything 



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Not sure if this is the right one, but in this general list of repairs, he links (point 3 in the first post) to another post dealing with a change to the 'difficult' o rink on the side of the water boiler.  Good luck!!


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Managed to get the stuck tube out, tried everything including using an old toothbrush and some descaler but in the end using a small screwdriver and pushing it brass bush in a little was just enough to loosen it and then it pulled straight out.

but with it changed its still gurgling away 

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