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Hive Cascabel Roaster + Data Dome

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Hi everyone,

I'm just embarking on my first home roast.

I've just ordered this little guy as my roaster of choice, all hand-made by Matthew in California https://hiveroaster.com/collections/frontpage/products/cascabel-with-thermocouple-the-data-dome-plug-and-play. It doesn't break the bank and seems to be getting some good reviews, and very interested in using the Artisan software as well to track and profile with.


  • This is a Cascabel Hive Roaster with the thermocouple installed as well as a data bridge, cords and a custom metal enclosure.
  • With this setup you can plug into your computer and be able to use Cropster, artisan roaster scope or other roasting software to monitor your roast profile
  • The kit includes:
    • One Cascabel roaster with Purity lid
    • One data dome lid with thermocouple  installed
    • One Data bridge inside of a custom metal enclosure
    • One mini USB to USB cord.

I'll be in my kitchen — open windows and gonna try not to smoke the flat down. Any tips and tricks for first time home roasting? 

Thanks in advance!


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11 hours ago, alanmason said:

Hi, I recommend that you follow Mathew from Hive on Instagram and watch his videos. If you have any questions ask him, he is super helpful and patient.

Thanks mate! Will definitely be watching his vids intently, and DM him.

1 hour ago, RDC8 said:

Let us know how it goes - and maybe post some pics of the resulting roast(s).

What beans will you be roasting?

Will definitely be documenting and sharing with you all 📝

I just got 2x500g bags of Colombian El Carmen from Rave: https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/colombian-suarez-green-coffee-beans

I asked them for some roasting tips as well for this particular green. Very quick and helpful response from their Head of Coffee:



The best thing about getting a new roaster is lots of trial and error! But as a starting point I would recommend using a high heat at the start of your roast and to reduce the heat over the course of the roast. You want to slow the rate at which the bean temperature increases when you hit first crack - you should hear this! 

Depending on where your probe(s) is positioned, will depend on what 'high' heat equates to in artisan, but you will soon find this out after experimenting. Your temperature graph should show a plummet at the beginning of the roast followed by a smooth curve upwards that levels off at first crack. We would recommend stopping the roasting process around 90s-2mins after FC and cooling the beans as quickly as you can.

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Hi guys, 

Just got my hive roaster over the weekend!!!

Had a quick go at it, without the data dome just to get a feel for the process, definitely an arm workout but I think I can cut down the time by pre-heating it and frankly having less beans in!

But really good fun and a beautifully made product, I'm documenting the journey over on instagram —  @project.8.roast








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I roast 150g batches, any deviation and you have to rethink your heat input and expected timings. I try to hold the roaster loosely in both hands and keep my elbows still and tucked into my body, this reduces fatigue and the chance of tennis elbow. I can easily do 3 roasts back to back like this.

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