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One 'average bean' portafilter etc setup for a Gaggia Classic 2018?

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I have a Gaggia Classic from 2018 - I think it's the stainless boiler model. I also have a Gaggia Gran Deluxe at a different location, and 'just about does the job' Baratza Encore grinders for each, adjusted for espresso grinds.  I'm told by a Gaggia agent that the Gran Deluxe was designed for no brainer operation - grind your coffee approximately to espresso, fill up the filter basket it came with, tamp roughly, push the button, and it will deliver a pretty good but maybe not optimal coffee via a pressurised filter basket. It seems to do that with most coffee beans.

Here's my problem. I'm not primarily interested in spending time assessing the grind, water and bean quantity and temperature so I can make the best ever cup. What does it for me is tasting different coffees of the general flavour I like (primarily fruity). This means I might have 6 or more 250g bags of beans in the cupboard, and drink a cup of each in succession. As I understand it, the Gaggia Classic was designed for skilled full manual operation - judge the grind right, maybe adjust the pressure, bean and water quantity to produce the best cup you can. That's great if you stick to one bean bean. But, I'm not about to do that optimisation process every time I fancy a different coffee.

Is it possible to set the Classic up to work more like the Gran Deluxe no brainer setup, and how would I achieve that?  So, I'd maybe do an average espresso grind, same bean quantity every time, default pressure, same tamp pressure, or maybe a pressurised basket? I know one answer is 'buy another Gran Deluxe' - but I already have the Classic :)

Thanks, Max


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Eh, no.

The Gaggia is a "no brainer" coffee machine that nerds twerk to make it something different.

Its a lifestyle machine, primarily designed for pressurised baskets, pre ground coffee and a push button operation.

All Gaggias are the same really. Some have an extra gizmo or not.

Just use the Classic as you would the deluxe. Same shhep different coat.

If you have the pressurised baskets from the deluxe, it's literally a zero change transition.

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I think the main reason classics get recommended on here a lot is that they're affordable but have 58mm group (so you can use VST baskets and naked portafilter etc). You can adjust the over pressure valve but not on the fly. People add PIDs to overcome the classic's shortcomings regarding temperature stability. I think Gaggia/Philips just expected most people to turn it on, use any old coffee, stop the shot when it looks like enough, and maybe make some bubbly froth with the panarello wand. That's pretty much 'no brainer' as a concept; it's just people on here who love to tinker, and the classics lend themselves to it readily, without actually being conceived as a nerd machine. The fact that it's relatively easy to mod and add PIDs, better (Silvia) steam wands, upgraded dispersion blocks etc is a bonus, if you want simple coffee without messing about, and are happy not to take it to the nth degree, thre classic is good for that too.





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