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USA Espresso Map


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Heading to the USA on holiday or business (or already live there) ?


This handy map may guide you towards some independent cafes


I have visited a couple of these (Blue Spoon in New York was nice, even in it's infancy) and may get to visit several more when my sister moves to Pennsylvania later this year


Check out http://www.espressomap.com/ to find out if there is a cafe to check out at your next US destination


Credits: Eric Schrepel

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Cheers Jony,

will take a look.



Cafe grumpy at Grand Central, Irving farm coffee roasters round the corner use Google maps those are the only places I went more than twice, where are you based. I did go to others but none was on a par Stumptown was ok and everyman coffee

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That's a shame, I need recommendations for DC & NYC soon.

If I find something similar I'll pop it in here...

Have had some excellent coffee in DC, looking forward to going back for some in a month! Filter coffee house, baked joint and Chinatown coffee were probably my favourite.
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Would anybody have recommendations for coffee in Las Vegas? Also will be doing a road trip down from San Fran to LA along the coastal route so will appreciate any suggestions!

Not specifically coffee but if you get a chance to stay at the Deetjens cabins in Big Sur, do! Set amongst redwoods, orchids everywhere and an excellent restaurant. Just be aware that there are Mountain Lions in those woods (we met one). :eek:

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