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My not set up!

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6 hours ago, Chainlinephil said:

Well, I'm trying very hard to get set up but its not quite there yet..



You’re lucky this hasn’t arrived else I might have had to take this instead of the cremina 🤪😂 just seen the picture. Wow.

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2 minutes ago, Chainlinephil said:

So the shipping challenges were overcome but the driver got poorly, so, today, and not Monday,  It has officially left the ‘shop’! Now I watch the tracking updates...


Who’s taking these photos? An armed guard?

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Shipping update. 
It hasn’t moved at all, sat somewhere in Germany😐

On the positive side fitting shelves Tuesday.

Trying to find Some NuovaPoint Palermo’s. [edit:found some😊]

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Ok. We have an update for those following the journey.

We have ‘coffee bar’ progress and the Expobar has kept me in Espresso this last week.


Oh, yeah, and Buffy arrives tomorrow 😁 

I just have to try and get out of those pesky online meetings!

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1 hour ago, Chainlinephil said:

Mini update...as I have a conf call and can't get to this for another 2 hours



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2 hours ago, KTD said:

Bagsy on the box top if it ever comes up for grabs, would make some Great Wall art! 

@KTD I acknowledge your bagsy, but you may have a long wait 😉  My wall has a spot allocated for that (Its pretty heavy!)...Seattle - Australia - Germany - UK! 

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Well, I’m sure I’ll get better set up but, wow. I’m actually even more pleased in the flesh, which is always nice. 
I appreciate the comments, was a bit nervous it could be too ‘over the top’ but it’s not in place. 
its quieter than I imagined, not sure why, and even more detailed.

Paddle feels really nice and tactile.

Relieved the grinder has headroom even with a Slayer, slightly tighter grind than LR but not too much, certainly with Square Mile Sweetshop

Pulled 8 or 9 shots this eve. Didn’t drink them all of course but all tested. First 7 were grades of nice, balanced but not what I wanted and knew I could get from Sweetshop.

Puck prep based on visuals was lacking but followed my normal routine  and flavour belied what I was seeing. 

These first shots were kind of too sweet and deep fruit flavours, very soft and full, a nice problem to have but not what I like about Sweetshop! 
Some consultation with @Rhys and taste/recipe/brew discussion and No. 9 knocked it out the park, 30s pre, 15s post, a bit more course and a bit shorter, more acidity and funk but still the fruit there. Lovely. 
previous shots were 48s to 78s duration.

Here’s some initial pics. I’ll get some more over the next day or so and as I get the area properly organised I’ll try and be a bit more arty😏
And of course the crate lid on the wall!

Brew still photo  action with Ace Services Sureshot in play.




Drip tray detail, Titus custom made , then red speed coated


Synesso cool touch wand fitted with custom hardware after feedback from Rhys.


Titus disassembled and coated the sureshot and fitted seamlessly to the brew group.


They made all panels incl. the rear which was made in 2mm stainless before coating.

Internally a similar level of attention to detail with some custom parts, swopped out the anti vac for a lighter weight one, different pressure transducer.


I think enough excitement for one day.
More experiments tomorrow.




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😊spelling and duplicate pic removed
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8 hours ago, Chainlinephil said:

Here’s some initial pics. I’ll get some more over the next day or so and as I get the area properly organised I’ll try and be a bit more arty😏

Better coat Buffy in some matt paint then - too shiny to photo as it is, and as for that fancy starburst lens 🤨😂😂😂

It was wonderful sharing the journey with you and seeing it in situ made me breathe a huge sigh of relief! More congratulations 🥳🤩😁😁😁

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