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Ramsays £19 brekkie

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@ZiggyMarley - To be fair that isn’t the worst bit of food cultural appropriation us Brits are guilty of...

Did you also notice the “Welsh Breakfast” tea whilst you were there, or “Greek” vs. “Turkish Delight” whilst on holiday? Never mind which country has the “real hummus” or “authentic baclava” 😂

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1 hour ago, Northern_Monkey said:

@Blue_Cafe - It varies depending upon what leftovers are knocking round from the dinner the night before really. 

Fry chopped onions, add any leftover greens like leeks, kale, cabbage, broccoli or peas. Add in your leftover mashed potato and mix through with S&P, when the bottom crisps and almost catches then fold it in and keep going or stick the pan in the oven.

Sounds about right.

In my house, "Bubble n Squeak" was refried Tatty 'ash 


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2 hours ago, ZiggyMarley said:

Hash browns are an American aboration, no place on a full English.

Recently in Wales we were frequently offered a full "Welsh", which in 5 out 6 places we stayed was no different to a full English.  In one place we were offered a lavabread potato cake which was a delicious addition.

Full Welsh should include lava bread and cockles. Love the lava bread but you can keep the cockles. (lava bread bears no resemblance to bread at all but is delicious.)


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Full Welsh. 

Mab I egg, Mab i bacon & Mab I sausages (from Jones the butcher) , Mab i mushrooms, Lava bread that we say is delicious and pretend to eat, so we can laugh at the tourists. Then we can laugh again as they eat the cockles. 

When they ask for Welsh Rarebit we say we don't do that, because it's not Welsh. Then back to the kitchen to tuck into some English rarebit, because it's nice but we don't tell them that. ;)

(obviously tongue in cheek) 

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8 hours ago, Rob666 said:

Full Welsh should include lava bread and cockles. Love the lava bread but you can keep the cockles

Not one of the 6 places we stayed in included that as part of their Welsh breakfast

8 hours ago, Rob666 said:

lava bread bears no resemblance to bread at all but is delicious.)

Yes I know, and only one of the six places had this as a separate dish on their breakfast, which i tried and was delicious.  I ate all the cockles 😋

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Hash browns belong on my plate!! I don't care for this must be English crap, tomato sauce is hardly an English creation, in fact its Mexican! 

Look, fry ups are hugely personal like roast dinners, we’ll all have different opinions, so its best we all agree that.... i am right and you are all wrong! 

hash browns or potato scone 

fat butchers sausages (not herby and well done) 

maple cured back bacon 

baked beans, well stewed not lots of sauce (don't mind in separate dish) 

Fried or scrambled egg i don't mind. 

Whole meal bread, toasted and left in a rack for 5 mins (must be fresh) 


black pudding 


no tomato or i send it back, if any ketchup goes near my plate i send it back, that stuff is designed for children to put on there alphabet potatoes not an adults breakfast! Ill have good ol brown sauce please... but not on my egg or it goes back 🤣 



now, my ideal roast is ................ 





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To add ‘black pudding’ - i forgot to add it, what a numpty!
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Lelit MaraX, Eureka Mignon Facile  

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To be fair one of the best English breakfasts i’ve ever had was at this posh B&B we stayed at in the Scottish Highlands, it was the first time i tried potato scone, and it also came with this big wonky chunk of black pudding! Never had black pudding it, it was superb! 
(sorry i’m on a diet, so well up for talking about food) 

Lelit MaraX, Eureka Mignon Facile  

Follow me on instagram @ roast_2_roast

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15 minutes ago, Burnzy said:

Hash browns belong on my plate!!

+1 for hash browns. Sometimes they can be the highlight! I've lived in Edinburgh and Dublin, both do a potato cake sort of thing that's really good too.

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Sage Barista Express.

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