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Plastic dosing cups?

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I'm not sure where to put this post, so I'll put it here since I'm looking for these cups.

I've been watching Youtube videos on adjusting grinders and found some videos from Australia where the presenter is using little plastic cups to grind into (and weigh) before transferring to the PF/basket.

The cool thing about these little cups is that they appear to fit perfectly inside the rim of the 58mm basket and have a lip to rest against the outer edge of the basket.  They're deep enough to hold about 25g (I'm guessing) of grounds.

Does anyone know where I can score a few of these?  I don't know why, but I really want them for dialing in my grinder...seems to make the process easier.

Link to video:





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Funny you mention this, I have been looking for something like this myself recently and whilst sorting out my loft yesterday I tripped over a plastic lid of some old hair sunscreen that fell out of an old holiday beach bag. It works pretty well in the Sage 54mm portafilter basket (after a very thorough clean).

Then today, I came across a spirits measurer which fits really well, plus has the benefit of being stainless steel and not faded yellow plastic. I'm keeping both to see how I get on with them.

You may already have things around the house that will work. I've already put my dosing funnel back into the box and back up into the loft as it's now surplus to requirements

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18 hours ago, dutchy101 said:

I've ordered  few bits from China recently. You'd be surprised how quickly it can arrive 

Your're correct, It did not take long for the virus to arrive !

I'll get my coat ;)

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