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Decent Auto Drip / Filter Machine

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I'm usually doing a moka pot or AP but the Mrs have just started to enjoy black coffee at her work.


This is a big win for me, but she's really keen on having that film style where they wake up in the morning to a fresh pot of coffee brewing on a timer or popping it on in the afternoon for family etc. I don't want to ruin her experience of home coffee and fresh beans etc with a poor machine.


I'm looking for a half decent filter machine (ideally with timer) to use at home, the SCA approved are either not available in the UK easily or are £200+...


Our budget for this is around £60, based in Hampshire to collect but obviously can pay postage.


I'm hoping someone has a Bonavita or Moccamaster hanging around!


My rabbit hole of drip machines has led me to believe the £30 Amazon machines (Russel Hobbs etc) don't hit the right temperate or water dispersion pattern etc.


Closest available to me that looks half decent is a Grind and Brew by Cuisinart but the inbuilt grinder is never advised.



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Once you you five posts. Have a look in the for sales there are two Moccamaster for sale, even new ones on Amazon pop up mine was £150.

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My best advice - you will likely be disappointed with a £60 brewer so save up unless you find an absolute bargain Moccamaster or Wilfa.

If you can't wait I would buy this - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Melitta-1011-16-Machine-Insulated-Selector/dp/B00R7HKARM

I have never used it so can't really comment on what it is like but it is at least a thermal jug rather than a hot plate and it is made by Melitta so it might be reasonable. It has timer too.


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Bezzera machines back in stock!

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We have the Melitta and think it's ok. Saving up for an upgrade but this machine and a half decent grinder isn't the worse place to start. We use paper filters or a mesh filter depending on what we think tastes better for different beans


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