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I need some good decaf!

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No doubt everyone's been appreciating a wide range of beans since the the lockdown. I certainly have and now need a switch away to a good decaf bean. Anyone able to recommend a decent, tried and tested source of decaf beans?


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38 minutes ago, brokentechie said:

In my experience, such a thing does not exist - the words "good" and "decaf" are mutually exclusive...

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Then you have never tried decent decaf!

The one I got from black cat, and also from rave is almost indistinguishable from the regular stuff. Bags of flavour.

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I think it is hard to find the variety of different coffees that you get with caffeinated beans but that doesn't mean there aren't any decent decaf beans out there. I've cut out caffeine for the last month or so and really have been enjoying some good decafs.

From Rave I regularly order their Seasonal decaf, which is excellent, and their Swiss Water decaf, which is also pretty good.

I tried the Climpson and Sons's decaf a few months ago and was very impressed with that - I will definitely be ordering that again. Likewise Foundry's and Hasbean's offerings are always good.

Just placed an order for a kilo of Black Cat's decaf yesterday - very much looking forward to trying that!

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