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Dial in and expresso consuming

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As title says, I am a little conffused what is difference in single/double shot of expresso when Dail in and how to serve it to my guest.

a) First, If I Dail-in double basket shot 18.g.-in, 36g.-out in 20-30 second, that will be double expresso. But Definition of Double shot is 60ml.
If someone want Double expresso I must give him 60ml? So, it will be extended shot and not will be 1:2?

b) Second, what is single then? 36ml to me is too strong (after dail in from double basket), so I use half of that - 18 ml, can be that single shot or must be 30 for single shot? (talking about single shot when use half liquid from double basket).

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You need to work by weight not volume.

And don't pay much attention to double or single etc.

Your espresso should be in the region of x grams of coffe in, 2-3x grams of espresso out.

Single (small) espressos are harder to pull than doubles (large) so most people just use around 15-21g in to create an espresso ranging from say 30-60g out.

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The double part refers to the dose really. When dialled in you might get anywhere from a 1:1.5-3 yield (ore possibly more/less). If you want a specific volume target a weight around that approximate volume by simply weighing a shot that has been run until the 30ml/60ml mark on the shot glass and if necessary adjust grind to taste. In answer to your question yes a 60ml "double" shot is unlikely to be a 1:2.

 A single is made with half the dose of a double approximately in a basket designed for that dose. You'll need to alter your grind even if using the clever IMS "the single" baskets. If 36ml (g??) is too strong for you why are you pulling your shots to 36ml? Are you just throwing the rest away? A double can be regarded as two singles but mouth feel and flavours of a single tend not to be the same in my experience as a double or half a double. 

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, NJD1977 said:

You need to work by weight not volume.

And don't pay much attention to double or single etc.

Yes, I working with weight.

So, 36g. in real can be double, and 18g. can ne single. That I want to know 👍🏻

4 hours ago, Rob1 said:

A  If 36ml (g??) is too strong for you why are you pulling your shots to 36ml? Are you just throwing the rest away? 

No. I use double just for Dailing-in with grinder to set my expresso, or use when making one for myself and one from someone in the house. Not throwing away.

When you order double expresso outside, how much ml you get in cup, aprox? 

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Baskets are designed for a set amount +  /- a gram or so. Single baskets are made in a range 7 g  - 12 g. eg G C baskets are single 7 g. double 16 g BUT you can often squeeze a touch more in.  Test puck clearance with a coin against screen ( with dry grounds)

As pointed out above , you should use the basket you intend to use for dialling in.  If you change basket you will need to adjust grind. There are no universal settings.

Also as above the "guide line" is 1 : 2.  you can / may draw more ore less to suit your taste / type of coffee.

OUTSIDE  generally a double espresso would be about 36 g . Commercial machines can be set to give a specific dose, 

Espresso is a very intense shot, it may not be to your liking, it will also depend on the bean / roast you are using.  Try Americano ?

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Now a days 

double any shot you make with a basket that isn’t a single basket 

Single = made with a single basket 

don’t get hung up on it, choose a basket that allows you to dose enough coffee to make enough espresso for your tastes .

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