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So I'm looking to gather different people's opinions on pulling a std double shot. 

I have been under the impression to put in 18g in, 30ml out in 25-30seconds. 

When I do this my coffee is nasty like really nasty. 

So I have dropped my dose to 17g in and increase my output to 42-45g out and my shots are alot better so far. I normally have the odd cappuccino and I will have the odd macchiato so I'm a milk based kinda guy. 

But I have recently for some reason noticed people on videos saying a std double is 60ml in the 25-30sec range. 


So what do you do as for dose in. Liquid output and time you achieve this in. I will also say just so it is said I time my shots from pump on NOT 1st drip. 

Any feed back would be most appreciated to try and get my shots down just that bit better, or possibly miles better then what I'm currently getting

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12 minutes ago, Sam_d said:

But I have recently for some reason noticed people on videos saying a std double is 60ml in the 25-30sec range. 

Ignore it. In general ignore anything that describes standards or deals in volumetric outputs. These are very losely accepted handrails for beginners to get somewhat in the approximate range of a good shot. Your target should be to adjust to taste, which it sounds like you're doing.

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It's what I'm trying although I pulled 2 shots back to back how I have been 17g in 42-45g out in 28-32sec and they both had a sour note to them n I can't think of anything I did different.  

I must admit sometimes my fist shot can run really long I pulled a shot that ran to 51sec. I then prepared another and it fell in my desired 28-32seconds, is there a reason thus seems to happen I do flush water through the group before and after every shot. So I can't think why the 1st shot sometimes runs long 

But I was also hoping to try out some of the same parameters as other members and to hear what works for them 

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