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Mazzer Royal - Titanium burrs, grey powder coat, single dose converted but with new mini hopper - £320 ono

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Here's my Mazzer Royal - this was my personal grinder a few years ago, and I converted it to single dose (or actually on-demand dosing using an external Auber timer box - but I'm not including that in this sale).  Titanium burrs with more life left in them than any prospective owner, if used in a home environment.

I refurbished this and had it powder coated in dark grey, and adapted a Mazzer mini short hopper to fit neatly on the top. Original serial sticker retained and in place.  New stickers on grind adjustment collar.  Doser is clean-sweep modded; and does an excellent job of pouring perfect grinds into the portafiler with a few thwacks!   All interlocks have been removed on this machine, so you don't need a hopper in place for it to grind, etc.  Turning the power knob on will start it, and turning it off will stop it (what a surprise!) - no need to use the "Auto" position.

I've kept this grinder in my workshop for a few years, and really don't want to sell it - but I need the space so am having to clear this one, and another virtually standard one (see other listing) as well.

Collection from Swindon, Wilts - or I'd be willing to meet half-way or deliver, if either option was less than 1hr driving distance from Swindon.










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Lots of everything: machines, grinders, roaster, beans, tampers, baskets, blah, blah

However - Too much is never enough!

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I notice that this presumably earlier Royal states '15 min MAX' whereas your other, newer one states '35s ON/60s OFF'. Was there a change in kit or just a fire at some point??

On a more practical note, do you happen to know the dimensions of this and those of the Major?

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Would be interested in dimensions also - very tempted as looking for large flat burrs if possible but I have limited height (cabinet).

Also live very nearby in Oxford and bought your PID which worked great recently.

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Hi - what is the retention like with the mods that you made to the machine? Also when single dosing would you just pop the beans into the mini-hopper or use it without the hopper? Thanks!

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On 17/09/2020 at 13:57, jules1 said:


The above is WRONG for the OP's ROYAL...pic above show's "Major" dimensions.

ROYAL dimensions (as per manual) are:-

A  240mm ...9 1/2"

B  310mm ...12 1/4"

C  250mm  ...9 3/4"

D  470mm ...18 1/2"

H  720mm ...28 1/4"

O  212mm ...8 1/4"


Correct with 900W motor and 83mm burrs.

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14 hours ago, coffeechap said:

@MrShadesyou have some questions

Thanks @coffeechap - I hadn't noticed (especially now Tapatalk not working again.. Grrrr!!!!)

@jules1 - No idea why / when the stated duty cycle changed... though it's largely immaterial as these grinders, when used in the home for single dosing, are typically on for less than 10s and then off for 2-3minutes if not much longer!    Either way, these things are bomb proof.

Dimensions of the standard machine are as stated above- though I'll add a couple more for info, especially for @heratech (it won't fit under cabinets on most UK countertops, unless you take an angle-grinder to it and chop it in half!):

- Total height to top of grinder body WITHOUT the mini hopper fitted:  42.5cm

- Total height to top of the hopper when fitted:   58cm

@mnakh - total retention (if you tested with a clean grinder, totally emptied of all retained grinds) is probably a few grams.  Exchanged retention is probably less than 1g - though it's been quite a while since I used it and tested this, so that's a bit of a guess!   I am lazy, and drink a reasonable amount of coffee, so I would load the hopper and then used an external electronic timer (Auber) to do timed dosing on this, and then rely on the doser mods to sweep clean and dump a nice mound in the PF etc.   You could use the mini hopper or a similar and shorter tube if you wanted to purely single dose.



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Lots of everything: machines, grinders, roaster, beans, tampers, baskets, blah, blah

However - Too much is never enough!

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8 hours ago, mnakh said:

Hi @MrShades - would you take 280 for this? 

I’ll have to think about it 😉


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Lots of everything: machines, grinders, roaster, beans, tampers, baskets, blah, blah

However - Too much is never enough!

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